October ’21 SUMMIT Summary

October at SUMMIT is always exciting! There is an endless supply of opportunities to explore all that autumn offers! You might find us playing in the leaves, painting with apples, or digging into pumpkins to see what’s inside!

One of the highlights of the month is when the local fire companies send us visitors! Lots of our preschoolers learned about the importance of knowing what a smoke detector sounds like and having an escape plan along with smoke detectors in your home. The firefighters showed the children how they get dressed in all of their gear, and the children even got to take turns sitting in the fire trucks. A big shout-out to all of the visitors who added tons of excitement and important lessons to our days!

In her latest blog post, Office of Head Start Director Dr. Bernadine Futrell writes, “…Head Start programs are integral contributors to the human services ecosystem in almost every community. The Head Start program is an investment in a child, a family, and a community.”

The SUMMIT Head Start Program began in Union County in 1969 serving 60 children and their families. In 1976, an additional 30 children were being served in Snyder County, and in 1978, 30 more children were added for Mifflin County.

Our Early Head Start Program began in 1992 and that’s when home visiting services were added for families with newborn children to age three.

The SUMMIT team, including teachers, nurses, family support, and other support staff provide services to children and families in the core areas of early learning, health, and family well-being while engaging parents as partners every step of the way. 

Our Home Visiting Staff provide parenting education, encouragement, and tools for parents, as well as services to promote health and wellness for enrolled pregnant women.

We recently surveyed our teaching and home visiting staff and asked them what they like about working at SUMMIT. It was pretty much a consensus – they all love being a part of  the children’s growth and learning everyday. Some other comments were:
  • I like that SUMMIT cares about each individual staff member.
  • My favorite thing about working for Summit
    is that everyone works as a team to achieve their goals.
  • I love working for SUMMIT because the training and mentoring I have received here has made me a better educator, caregiver and mother. 
  • I love working at Summit because the company is so much more than one need.
    The company represents a large diverse community. We all work together to provide families care, education and a safe environment for their children to attend.
  • The fact that they actually care for the children and their employees and the fact that they allow family to come first. They work as a team and treat their employees as part of their team.
  • I like that our center works together not only as a team but as a family. Everyone pulls together to help out where needed. There is so much positivity from everyone.
  • I enjoy working with the ladies on my team and the other staff in my office. They are an amazing group of people.

Children aren’t the only ones learning at SUMMIT. Our staff are constantly learning too! We’d like to specifically call out the individuals who attained their CDA this year! The Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential is based on a core set of competency standards, which guide early care/education professionals toward becoming qualified teachers of young children. Obtaining a CDA is a big commitment, but one that creates confident early childhood educators utilizing today’s best practices for teaching young children.

Congratulations on a job well done.

  • Lewistown children’s center staff: Jamie Beasom, Denise Colyer, Abigail Dupuis, and Sarah Myers
  • Strodes Mills Head Start staff: Hannah Powell
  • Middleburg Head Start staff: Molly Sellers

Our staff’s efforts and dedication to continuing their education are to be commended! 

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