SUMMIT classrooms focus on preparing children for school. Each stage of development (Infant-Pre K) requires teachers who are well trained and who have a good understanding of developmentally appropriate practices.

All of our school readiness goals are based on proven practices that follow Pennsylvania’s Early Learning Standards. Woven into the daily schedule are the routine parts of the day, which are also learning opportunities.

Children enrolled in our preschool programs receive the  education and preparation they need before entering kindergarten. 

Parent involvement is an important part of our program. In the SUMMIT program, you’ll have opportunities to participate in family events and parent-teacher conferences.

Written assessments of each child’s progress are provided to parents twice a year.

Our play-based, child-centered program combines physical, cognitive, social, emotional, language, self-sufficiency, and artistic areas of instruction to foster growth in all areas of development.

Classroom teachers develop a daily schedule that includes:

  • Small group time where the teacher works with a few children on an activity related to the learning topic, or on social/emotional development.
  • Work time, where a larger group of children use all areas in the classroom to explore, play, socialize, and learn. 
  • Circle/Meeting time when children sing songs, read stories, and have discussions.
  • Outside time for running and jumping and also for planned activities and games.
  • Routines – depending on the age of the child, routine times such as bathrooming, diapering, or hand washing are part of the daily schedule.
  • Meal times are used to help children develop self help skills, encourage socialization and discuss healthy practices.
  • Learning through play! Play has been proven to be the most effective way for children to learn. A child’s play is exciting, self motivating, freely chosen, and fun.
  • Making friends! Social-emotional development and nurturing relationships with caring teachers.
  • Age-appropriate experiences developed by teachers from ongoing observation and assessment of each child’s development. 
  • SUMMIT Early Learning, Inc. has been providing services to children for 50 years!
  • Our programs are licensed by the Department of Human Services and considered high quality by Keystone STARS.
  • Our policies and procedures prioritize the provision of services in safe, secure, welcoming, and inclusive environments.
  • SUMMIT Early Learning provides a high quality education program utilizing research-based curriculum.
  • Caring teachers are highly qualified and receive ongoing professional development.

Child Care Centers are open from 6:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

It is best to contact our Enrollment Team for all options that may be available for your family, including reduced fees.

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