Pre-K Counts

Pre-K Counts is a preschool program for 3 and 4 year old children. Pre-K Counts is free for families that qualify, based on income and other factors.

SUMMIT Pre-K Counts teachers and family support staff will work with you to give your child a great start!

Each of our teachers develops a daily schedule and includes:

  • Small group time where the teacher works a few children on an activity related to the learning topic, or on social/emotional development.
  • Work time, where a larger group of children use all areas in the classroom to explore, play, socialize, and learn. 
  • Circle/Meeting time when children sing songs, read stories, and have discussions.
  • Outside time for running and jumping and also for planned activities and games.
  • Routines – depending on the age of the child, routine times such as bathrooming or hand washing are part of the daily schedule.
  • Meal times are used to help children develop self help skills, encourage socialization and discuss healthy practices.
  • Learning through play! Play has been proven to be the most effective way for children to learn. A child’s play is exciting, self motivating, freely chosen, and fun.
  • Making friends! Social-emotional development and nurturing relationships with caring teachers.
  • Age-appropriate experiences developed by teachers from ongoing observation and assessment of each child’s development. 
  • SUMMIT Early Learning, Inc. has been providing services to children for 50 years!
  • Our programs are licensed by the Department of Human Services and considered high quality by Keystone STARS.
  • Our policies and procedures prioritize the provision of services in safe, secure, welcoming, and inclusive environments.

Classroom hours depend on the location that your child attends. 

Pre-K Counts is provided in the following school districts: Mifflin County, Selinsgrove Area, Midd-West, and Mifflinburg Area.  

CONTACT US for information about your family’s eligibility for Pre-K Counts or another program option!