October 2020 SUMMIT Summary

Welcome to another month of “going with the flow.” With things around us constantly changing, we know how important it is to remain flexible. We are proud of our staff for their perseverance and making necessary adjustments; grateful for families for their understanding, patience, and doing their part; and amazed by all of the other great organizations in our communities! (Check out our Featured Partners series on Instagram!)

We are also extremely appreciative of additional grant opportunities that have been made available to assist with the difficulties that many businesses are experiencing.

Recently, SUMMIT was selected by the Union County Commissioners to receive CARES Act funding, which we will use to offset the costs related to our COVID response. These include things like face shields, smocks, goggles, hand sanitizer, soap dispensers, contactless thermometers, deep cleaning, and technology to assist with providing virtual classes and home visits.

We hope you were able to participate in some of the Lights on Afterschool Events that were held in October. As they do every year, our Centers for School-age Development (CSD) Team went all out to celebrate and bring awareness to the amazing things that young people are doing and learning in the SUMMIT before- and after-school programs. If you missed out, go check out some of their activities on Facebook and Instagram. The staff and children put together some really fun videos!

This year was EXTRA special because one of our past students, Quinn Stanford, was selected as a Youth Ambassador! Quinn was one of four youth panelists on the virtual Lights on Afterschool Town Hall put on by the national Afterschool Alliance!

The students shared their afterschool experiences (pre- and during COVID), and discussed what our leaders need to do to make sure all youth can reach their full potential. Important topics, such as racial inequality and mental health, were discussed. Watch the full replay here. 
The SUMMIT CSD Program focuses on preparing youth for the future – in a way that IGNITES learning, INSPIRES creativity, and ACTIVATES experiences. For more information about the SUMMIT school-age programs, visit our website.


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